Our Pledge for Community Satisfaction

New Day Reuse aims for 5 Star Service for our Community Charitable Projects & Support

  • Help local Communities Reduce Landfill waste by our full focus on Re-USE & Recycling.

  • Professional & clearly visible Uniforms for New Day Reuse Volunteers for Donation Pickups & Donation Bin collection & Maintenance.

New Day ReUse, 501(C)(3) Not For Profit Waste Reduction Network Is fully focused on helping reduce waste of Textiles, Books, Food, Retailer resets, and more. We accept items to Reuse, and give to partner Charities to distribute to those in need, The waste reduction network Directory site where other organizations can post to give, receive, or accept donations for Reuse and the service is free. The Free Directory is for Charitable organizations anywhere in the universe. Thank you for your support.

High Standards

  • Professional & Courteous trained Volunteers.

  • Safe, Clean, Professional equipment.