Our Pledge for Community Satisfaction

New Day Reuse aims for 5 Star Service for our Community Charitable Projects & Support

  • Help local Communities Reduce Landfill waste by our full focus on Re-USE & Recycling.

  • Professional & clearly visible Uniforms for New Day Reuse Employee for Donation Pickups & Donation Bin collection & Maintenance.

  • Ensure donation receptacles identify the name and telephone number of the company responsible for maintaining the bin(s)

  • Clearly mark donation bins with New Day Reuse phone number,  Box number, website URL, Mission statement.

  • Obtain written consent from a property owner and/or representative prior to placing and/or moving donation drop boxes on any private property.

  • Service drop boxes as often as necessary to avoid accumulation of donated items or debris around said bins.

  • Comply with any applicable zoning and or permitting requirements, including state, local and municipality requirements.

High Standards

  • Professional & Courteous trained staff.

  • Safe, Clean, Professional equipment.

  • We employ our own full-time staff and do not use subcontractors.

  • computerized tracking and forecasting system helps us ensure that clothes are collected regularly which helps prevent overflows.

  • We make sure no clothing & footwear donations are left littering the area where the bins are placed, For a Professional clean presentation.