Social Disclosure

New Day ReUse is a 501C3 NonProfit Organization, In order to operate with a strong positive sustainable Environmental & Community growth development We need the community support by Donating unwanted Clothing & Footwear to help our organization help the environment & the Community. Proceeds raised from the sale of the end of use donations will go towards funding the Day to Day operations of the New Day ReUse projects Waste Reduction & Helping those in need with free Clothing & Footwear.

Your Tax Deductible Financial contributions are appreciated & needed to help us with our day to day operations of the New Day Reuse Mission & project.  Thank you for the support we truly appreciate it.

Thank you for making it possible for us to be able to help those in need.

Expenses to Operate

  • Trained Staff to Collect, Sort, Refurbish, Inspect donations.

  • Trucks for collecting the Donations

  • Employee pay

  • Licenses & Permits to operate

  • Industry Training on Safety, Compliance on Refurbishing, Recycling

  • Warehouse & Storage, Rent, Insurance, Electricity & Water

  • Insurance for trucks, Recycling Bins, Company, Employees.

  • Maintenance for Trucks, Trailers, Equipment, Bins

  • Recycling Bin Maintenance and site placement costs.

  • Collecting Equipment & Supplies.

  • Payment to have non usable products sent to a Textile Recycler.

  • Disposal for waste & Litter left in and around the Recycling Bins.

  • Community expansion by adding more Recycling Donation bins in more locations.

  • Additional Recycling Bins cost us $1350 per box Placed per site.