Thank you for your support

New Day Reuse Charitable Mission

With your help and support our vision can grow and not only help out the environment with waste Reduction by REDUCE – RE-USE – Recycle, But also helping those in need.

Free Clothing & Footwear is distributed to partner Non Profits, And Churches to distribute to Youth Empowerment, Low income families & individuals who need new work attire to be able to work, School attire for low income students, Less Fortunate, Homeless, Veterans and those who suffered loss from natural disaster or tragedy.

The Clothing & Footwear is distributed through partner organizations whom have outreach centers with established locations and an approved in good standing IRS 501(C)(3) on file with New Day Reuse Charitable Mission. 

Importance Of Clothing & Footwear waste reduction.

  • Why waste your unwanted Clothing, Shoes, Boots in a landfill, When someone else is happy to be the new owner.

  • Landfills are not endless dumping grounds and Waste reduction truly helps out the communities with waste reduction.

  • At the landfill, the food and Clothing that trash contains is decomposing and releasing methane, a greenhouse gas that’s 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

  • Clothing is not as Biodegradable as other waste items, Some Textiles are not Biodegradable at all.

  • EPA estimates each USA Household throws away 80 Pounds (12.8 Million Tons) of unwanted clothing into the garbage every year.

  • With our program the unwanted Donated clothing that is not Re-used or wanted will be Recycled into Industrial rags.

  • All donations we accept will be Distributed, Re-Used, Recycled, In the United States! We don’t ship Donations to other countries as a dumping ground.

  • New Day Reuse Charity is here to help the Saginaw Bay region of Michigan to help keep the Great Lakes Great, With our Clothing & Shoe Recycling reuse program in Michigan.