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Environmental impact of textile waste

Waste Reduction is our Primary Focus with all Clothing & Shoe Donations to help find a new owner for them. The Clothing & Shoe Donations that do not find a new owner will be the only items that end up being Upcycled into industrial shop rags or recycled. This is why our sorting of Clothing & Shoe Donations is very important. Our full focus is to Reduce – ReUse – Upcycle – Recycle (In that order)! We do not export clothing to Developing countries as dumping grounds like some other companies do, Yes Some items are exported by bulk buyers but exported for ReUse and not as a dumping ground, We do our best to keep the majority of items in the United States we feel there’s plenty of households in the United States in need that would be happy to ReUse your unwanted Clothing & Shoes, By using USA Based Upcycling & Recycling firms it helps create and maintain jobs in the United States. We’re proud to be Home Based in Saginaw Michigan, and Serving Bay City Michigan, Detroit Michigan, Flint Michigan, Frankenmuth Michigan, Midland Michigan, Birch Run Michigan, Clio Michigan, and many more small communities all over the lower part of Michigan.