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Due to the COVID19 Pandemic only Commercial & Contract account pickups available until further notice.
Thank you and we apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you for your support the the New Day Reuse charity based in Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw Mi Free Donation pickup for the New Day Reuse Clothing & shoe charity is Bay City MI, Our professional volunteers make donating to New Day Reuse easy.

Give us a call Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm 989-332-8397

How do I pack my items?

Please place your donations in either bags or boxes. To protect your breakable items, please pack them in boxes that can be easily and safely transported.

How does my Donation benefit the community?

By Donating your items to New Day Reuse you’re helping reduce landfill waste, Plus your Donations help support the New Day Reuse Homeless outreach Care Packet program.

Will the driver come inside and pick-up?

No, drivers are not permitted to enter your home.

Where do I put my donation?

Your donation should be placed by your front door (preferred location) or on your front driveway (our trucks can not access most alleys). (Or Make arrangements with staff PRE-Pickup).

Do I need to be home

No. Leave your donation clearly labeled for ReUse by your front door. Our driver will pick-up the donation and leave a Thank You Card without disturbing you.

When will the items be picked-up?

On the scheduled pick-up day, your items should be outside by 8:00AM. Your donation will be picked up between 8:00AM and dark (rain or shine). Unfortunately, our routes vary throughout the day and we are unable to give you a specific time for pick-up. (Unless Prior arrangements are made)

Will the driver look for my donation if I choose not to schedule a pick-up?

No. There are other organizations that will just “drive and look”. However, we have found this method causes too many missed and/or accidental pick-ups. We require you to be on the driver’s scheduled list to avoid such problems.

Where do the Proceeds  & Donations go?

Proceeds & Donations go directly to support the New Day Reuse Project & Homeless Care Pack program.

Do you pick-up in bad weather?

Yes. We pick-up in all types of weather. If there is a State of Emergency, we will not pick-up. If the driver is unable to navigate the truck, we will cancel the route and reschedule with you as quickly as possible. Canceling a route is the last resort option for us and rarely happens.

Privacy Security

Please always double check your donation boxes, and bags whether you’re Donating to New Day Reuse or any Charity for personal private documents, Important paperwork. The New Day Reuse policy is if we find these private documents is to shred them immediately.

With your help and support our vision can grow and not only help out the environment with waste Reduction by REDUCE – RE-USE – Recycle, But also helping those in need.

Importance Of Clothing & Footwear waste reduction.

  • Why waste your unwanted Clothing, Shoes, Boots in a landfill, When someone else is happy to be the new owner.

  • Landfills are not endless dumping grounds and Waste reduction truly helps out the communities with waste reduction.

  • At the landfill, the food and Clothing that trash contains is decomposing and releasing methane, a greenhouse gas that’s 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

  • Clothing is not as Biodegradable as other waste items, Some Textiles are not Biodegradable at all.

  • EPA estimates each USA Household throws away 80 Pounds (12.8 Million Tons) of unwanted clothing into the garbage every year.

  • With our program the unwanted Donated clothing that is not Re-used or wanted will be Recycled into Industrial rags.

  • All donations we accept will be Distributed, Re-Used, Recycled, In the United States! We don’t ship Donations to other countries as a dumping ground.

  • New Day Reuse Charity is here to help the Saginaw Bay region of Michigan to help keep the Great Lakes Great, With our Clothing & Shoe Recycling reuse program in Michigan.

Accepted items 

Saginaw Mi Thrift Reuse store

Google Listing for Thrift outlet 

Thrift outlet Facebook page

Current Cities we pickup Donations in for free.

Current markets served for Free Clothing & Footwear Donation pickup is Saginaw Michigan, Bay City Michigan, Freeland Michigan

Your Private information is sent via SSL Secure connection, And will never be shared with anyone.

Free Donation Pickup request form.

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic only Commercial & Contract account pickups available until further notice.

Thank you and we apologize for this inconvenience.

Or give us a call Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm 989-332-8397